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Australian GT

The Adelaide 500 (known for sponsorship reasons as the Clipsal 500 Adelaide or Clipsal 500, or colloquially as just Clipsal) is an annual motor racing event for V8 Supercars, held on the streets of the east end of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. First held in 1999, the event uses a shortened form of the Adelaide Street Circuit, the former Australian Grand Prix track.

Usually held over four days in early March, the "500" itself consists of two 125 km races and one 250 km for V8 Supercars held on the last two days of the meeting. Before 2014, there were two 250 km races.

For much of its life the two/three races combined to give an overall result for the winner of the Adelaide 500, although the message was often confused as podium celebrations based on the results of each day individually were held.

More than most the race regulations have been fiddled with many times, most famous on the day of the first event where original regulations stated the race was one 500 kilometre race with an overnight break at the 250 km mark. When a significant portion of high profile cars retired in the first day of the original 1999 event the regulations were changed overnight to allow those cars to start the Sunday race.

Text source: Wikipedia

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